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Zeus (ゼウス) is a Galactic Blader and its the owner of Titanium Nemesis X:D and the founder of a few Beys. He represents Pluto,and he's a chosen one.His friends are Zero,Ray,Kai,Rick,and Dusk.He is a main protagonist and a main antagonist in Beyblade:Crystal Legends .He is known as one of the Powerful Bladers.His power is Lighting.


Legend is usually picked by bullies and he always lose a Beybattle,his previous bey was Nemesis X:D,after he defeated The Black Sun once again, he remade Nemesis X:D into Titanium Nemesis X:D,after he obtained his bey,he won almost any Beybattle.He was captured by Diabolos, he fused with him and become the owner of Immortal Reaper C:D.When he was in Nega Overdrive he was the owner of Immortal Titanium Reaper CX:DD


Legend wears a plain white robe with a collar in an upper position and black pants. He wears a brown belt to which holds his launcher and a bey case on. He wears gold breslets up his arms. He also seems to wear black boots. His hair color is greyish-white and his eyes are a light shade of blue. His robe seems to turn purple and black when he's in his dark form.


Zeus is very nice,and very intelligent,but when Diabolos made him evil,he was harsh,cruel, and unmerciful.

Beyblade:Crystal LegendsEdit

In Exploring a New LegendEdit

When Legend is walking with Zero back from a BeyBattle,they talk about they saw a crystal last night,after 2 crystal stars hit their Bey,Legend was captured by Diabolos and vanished.


1.Titanium Nemesis X:D (Good)2.Immortal Reaper C:D (Bad)3.Immortal Titanium Repaer CX:DD (Nega Overdrive)