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Zero Kurusitaru ( ゼロ クリスタル) is the main character of Beyblade:Crystal Legends. He owned the mighty Wing Pegasis 90WF but now owns the even more powerful Guardian Pegasis E:D which is the evolution of Wing Pegasis.


Zero Wears a White Shirt with a Blue Coat and a Black jean. He looks more like Gingka Hagane. He has White socks with Blue stripes. He also wears Red Shoes with Black X-like designs on the sides of it. He has Blue eyes when in his Normal Personality and Battle Mode but his eye color changes to Red when he is in "The Rage".


Zero is very kind and will do anything to help his friends. He also is very kind to his bey. But, when someone Irritates him or angers him too much, His Personality changes to what Zero calls- "The Rage". When is in "The Rage", he will do anything and will never stop until he achieves his goal. Also, when battling, Zero Changes to "Battle Mode". In Battle Mode, his confidence level rises to 100%. He also battle more briskly and actively than in his Normal Personality. He only turns into Battle Mode when he is battling really Strong opponents.


Ray: Zero's main rival & friend.Ryuta: Zero's friend who helps him and Ray throughout their journey.Kai: Zero's childhood Rival.Zeus: Zero's first and Best friend.==Wakusei: Zero's Brother==


Heat Pegasis 100HF :Edit

Zero's First Generic Bey. It was his first ever bey. According to Zero's flashback in Beyblade: Crystal Legends, It was destroyed during the battle with an unknown blader.

Wing Pegasis 90WF :Edit

Zero's second bey. When Zero's Heat Pegasis was destroyed, he found Wing Pegasis stuck in a rock. When he pulled it out, he realised that the bey contained the same spirit of his Heat Pegasis.

Guardian Pegasis E:D :Edit

When Zero was battling with Ray, there was a big explosion between the battle and Wing Pegasis evolved into Guardian Pegasis.