Phantom's picture.

Phantom is a powerful blader who has Volcano Anubius R230EXD


Phantom lived in a small town about 60 miles away from a volcono. Phantom went up to the volcano to train. But then the volcano erupted. Then there in the center of the volcano on a rock pillar. there, was Volcano Anubius.


Phantom wears lots of gold and jewels. He also has a scarf, cape, and a blue and black hat with feathers on it. On his left hand he has a bracelet with a jewel in the center.


Phantom is funny, sarcastic, and has an attitude nobody can describe. He is usually very funny but if sombody were to touch him he would freak out.

Beyblade Crystal Legends:Edit

No apperences yet.


1) Volcano Anubius R230EXD (Good)