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Beyblade Legend Of Awesomeness is a brand bolckbuster season of beyblade history which comes after the season Beyblade Crystal LegendsThe new Episodes will be updated from April 22 on every Tuesday & Friday and sometimes on Sunday only on

---Note: Regular Episode schedule is changed from Monday, Tuesday & Thursday to Tuesday & Friday only----


Username Name in series Bey
Earth eagle 2987 Sun Delta Shadow M.V.C
Pizzaboy Phantom Volcano Anubis R230EXD
The Legend Bladers Zeus Titanium Nemesis X.D
Zero Blade x Zero Guardian Pegasis E:D
Rick123 Shiji Freedom Eagle V:W
BigBangFan1 Ray Rune Garstomp F:H75 PS
Kiro Blaze Kiro

Phantom Wolf H.B.D

Episode1:Search for the PhoenixEdit

Some where in an unknown place........

Sun-So is it time to take the bey,grandfather?What do you say?

Grand father-Yes my son!Its time.But you must find it alone.

Sun - Why?Grand father aren't you coming along with me?

Grandfather-My job was to guide you my son!Not to come with you.But the reason is not that......

Sun-Then what?

Grand father-Its time for my leave ,Bye son!

Sun's grandfather dies.


He climbs the mountain which his grandfather had shown before he died.

Sun-I have finally made it.There it is-I am comin my bey.....Shadow.

Sun obtains the bey.

Sun -Because you were preserved under a volcano I will name you Delta Shadow.

At a famous city.... there is a match going on.

Zero- Yeah!!!! Woohoo!!!! I'm reaching the Semi-Finals!!!!

Opponent- Hehehehe, but you won't be able to go to the finals without beating me !!!!!

Zero- Lets see about it!

Opponent- So here we go....

Zero- 3

Opponent- 2

Audience- 1

Zero & Opponent - LET IT RIP !!!!!!!!!



Blader DJ- Zero Wins the match!!!!! So lets see the's Zero vs Ray!!!!!

Ray- 3

Zero- 2

Audience- 1

Ray & Zero - LET IT RIP!!!!!!!!!!



Ray- Garstomp!! Special Move!! Take won dork!!!

Zero- WHHHAAAATT!?!?!?!?!!?

Ray- Hehehehe

Zero- Grr... Pegasis!! Special Move !!!! Guardian Smash!!!!!!




Blader DJ- Who's the winner?? Is it Zero or is it Ray? The winner is... Nobody!!!!!

Audience- What???

Blader DJ- The Battle ended in a draw!!!!!

Audience- Wow!

The battle ends.

And fire ray from the sun in sky comes straight to Delta Shadow.

Sun-I am comin......father wait....i am coming.


Episode 2 :What a Thing is happening!Edit

Zero- Hey Zeus, Yesterday night we saw some Crystals Drop out of the Sky and just vanish into the ground. I wonder what they are?/

Zeus- Yeah Zero, I think they might be Star fragments

Zero- Star Fragments? Hmm...? I think i've heard of them before

Zeus- Yes. It is what Legend Blader Gingka Hagane used to defeat the evil Nemesis 9 years ago.

Zero- Coool!!!

  • Two star fragments had hit Zero and Legend's bey the previous night.

Zeus- Hey.. I fell the air getting colder in front of us...

Zero- Yeah...

  • Suddenly a Black Portal appears in front of them and swallows Zeus and vanishes

Zero- NOO ZEUS!!!!!

Zero-What would happen???Will he evr come back?What was that thing?I have to inform that to Shiji immediately!

To be continued.......


Zero:Shiji i am here.Come out of your house.NOW!


Zero:I need to talk.

Shiji:Ok.Come inside.We will discuss here.Ok?


Shiji:Now sit down here and be calm and tell me whats happened?

Zero:Zeus,Zeus.A black portal type something opened in the midst of a forest and galloped Zeus.

Shiji:What!?!?!?!Ok,then we should take the help of Mai.

Zero:Ok.Let's go.

They went to their friend's house known as Mai.She was a mechanic who repaired beys.

Mai:What's happened now?

Zero describes it to Mai.

Mai:Ok we should go now to search for Zeus.Lets go.

As they went out they saw a big explosion beside them.

They altogether ran there.

In their way Ray also joined them.

Sun:So this is a big city.I should find someone who deserves a fight for Delta Shadow M:V:C.

Zero:What are you doing man?

Zero sees that other's beys were broken badly.

Zero:I will not forgive you.Never Ever.

Episode4:Delta Shadow M:V:CEdit

Sun:So are you a blader.Then can you help me test this bey,Delta Shadow M:V:C

Zero:I will not forgive you!I challenge you.My bey is Guardian Pegasus.Ready?

Zero:3 2 1.

Sun:Let it rip!

Both launches their beys.At first pegasus begin's to lose but......

Zero:Pegasus full power and now for it go diving star crusher.

Sun:Hmmmm......Not so good.You should be more powerful performing a sp move.

Pegasus do no harm to Delta Shadow M:V:C!!!

Zero:How is it possible?Anyway.Go now Pegasus!!!!Special Move Final Destruction Blast!!!

Pegasus straightly smashes Delta Shadow!!!

Zero:Yeah!!!!I won!!!I proved myself!!

Sun:If you think the battle's over then you are wrong!!!The battle's just started!!!


Delta Shadow is still spinning on full speed!!!

Sun:So you are not so powerful as I thought are you?

Zero:But I don't get it.

Sun:Release Special Move go Delta Shadow !Double Trouble!



Delta shadow is still spinning but Guardian Pegasus has stopped!!!Pegasus lost!!!

Zero:But it's not possible!?Is it?

Episode 5:Clash of the Eagles!!!!Edit

Zero:But I don't get it!!!

Sun takes back Delta Shadow and Zero sees that the fusion wheel of Guardian Pegasus is almost destroyed!

Sun:So is there any blader left who can battle this bey Delta Shadow!!

Shiji:Yeah there is!!!Go Freedom Eagle!!Let it Rip!!

Sun:Let it Rip!

Freedom Eagle and Delta Shadow clash and Freedom Eagle is being pushed back.

Shiji:Ok you want to get your bey destyroyed huh?Then let's go!Special Move ETERNAL VICTORY WAVE!!!

Sun:Bring it on!

Eagle creates sonic waves and shockwaves, similar to Flame Libra T125ES.


Both the beys are spinning!!!

Shiji:I expected that from you.Now it's time for the second one.

Sun:The second one?


Sun:Argh!!!!Double Trouble!

Both the beys clash and a huge explosion happens.Sun laughs!

Episode 3:A new blader!!!!Edit

After the fierce battle,Sun wins again and tells them that he did not expected that much weak move after having seen that Pegasus lost to Delta Shadow M:V:C.

Shiji:I also lost to this guy!I can't believe it!

Sun:Ok,I am going!Nobody even deserves to battle my bey.

Zero:What did you say?

Sun:Why didn't you hear?

Sun leaves without a word.But he stopped when he felt a bey coming straight toward him.When the bey came close,Sun launched Delta Shadow M:V:C.A huge explosion happens.


The explosion that happened when Sun launched his bey.

A new blader appears and intoduces himself as Ryuga and introduced his bey as Meteo L Drago.

Sun seemed to be shocked.

Ryuga:Sun,so we met again at last.So can we decide it now?

Sun:But you were supposed to be in.....

Ryuga:Beyorigin Village?That's not the place where I belong.I am now taking special training from the Galaxy Tributes.

Sun:But how can you.....Argh!!!

Zero:I can't understand anything.Oh!!!!

Sun launches Delta Shadow and Ryuga launches Meteo L drago.

Sun:Special move:Double trouble!!!

Ryuga:You believe in that move to take me down?HAHAHAHA!Special Move Dragon Emperor supreme flight!

Another huge explosion happens.It was very huge.

Sun:Oh no!!!

Delta Shadow's move has been blocked by L drago.

Ryuga laughs loudly and says that the move isn't so much effective at all.

Ryuga:Now it's my turn to attack.Go now L drago!Ultimate destruction!


Delta Shadow breaks and Sun is also injured by that move.Ryuta wins the battle and says that he is very weak.



Ryuga introducing Meteo L Drago


Ryuga confident he would win


Sun using Double Trouble